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Wristbands / Tickets

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Pre-Order Price - $50 / Day-Of Price - $60

Tired of buying oodles of tickets for your child(ren)?  Saints Wristbands provide UNLIMITED access to all day fun!  Wristbands can be used for Inflatables / Field Games / Tent Games / MASH Tent / Face Painting.

*Activity Wristbands are not valid for any food or beverage items/vendors (including Junior Class Food Park) and may not be used by more than one person. Wristbands are also not valid for the cakewalk.

ACTIVITY WRISTBAND WITH LUNCH INCLUDED* (available for pre-order only)
Pre-Order Price - $60

This special wristband includes lunch and is only available through pre-order.  Your child will have his/her choice of a hamburger/cheeseburger/hotdog or pizza slice, chips and beverage - all offered at the Junior Class Food Park.  All parts of lunch must be claimed at one time.  

*Activity Wristbands with Lunch are valid at the Junior Class Food Park only.   They are not valid for any other food or beverage items/vendors (including Cakewalk).


PREFER TICKETS?  No problem!
Book of 20 tickets = $10.00
Tickets can be used for tent games, field games (including cake walk!) and the Junior Class Food Park!

Pre-ordered wristbands and tickets will be available for pickup the day of Fall Festival at the main Ticket Tent.